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Some Tips On Using Electric Smoker


If you love doing some barbeque you must really familiar with many products from Masterbuilt or from any other companies. I have to say that they are giving so many great choices on choosing an electric smoker. Masterbuilt for example are having more than 30 choices that each of them is having their own uniqueness. So make sure to know every detail about it to make that you are picking a good one that suits to your need. I have some experience on using an electric smoker, so I want to share you some tips on using this machine.

Consider Everything From The Machine

Yeah, you really need to consider everything before you start jump out on this thing. Some important things such as price, the built quality, dimension, and the cleaning process are important to know. Like I said before, each of them are having their own uniqueness and taking difference on handling it. Remember to consider all of that factors before buying to make sure you are getting a maximize experience on grilling and barbequing.

Seasoning Is Important

Many people seem forget about this case and they sometimes use their machine before doing any seasoning process. This is an important process before you use the machine for the first time. It is like the cleaning process to help everything is okay preventing any dangerous material that was left going into your food.

You just need to set your machine in around 200 degrees Fahrenheit for almost 3 or 4 hours and for each hour places some wood chips. After the process is complete, leave your machine off and you are ready on doing your first barbeque party.

Know Your Unit

Everything you have to do is needed to be familiarized in order to master it. This is also including on using this machine where you have to know each process and familiar with it. Masterbuilt for example is having a vertical design which is good and not for some reasons. It looks pretty safe and easy to handling, but it does not have many spaces on the inside. This is what I am talking about familiarize everything.

Finding a good spot for your unit is also important. Make sure to leave it in the open area where the air circulation is good. Never ever leave it on the close area which could become pretty dangerous for the machine.

Preheat The Electric Smoker

Many people who started to jump out on this thing seem forget that the preheating process is also important. Some people are just putting the meat into the machine even before the unit is heating. Do not do that because you are not going to get the best taste if you do it. If you love doing a barbeque party, you have to preheat the unit in some degrees. Check your meat cooking guide in finding the right temperature for it. So, when the party is started you are already ready to start it over.

The electric machine from Masterbuilt or Southern Country Smoke usually having a pretty good thermometer so you could this feature to measure the right temperature for your meat, so the result that you get would be really good.

Be Patient

Actually there are so many things that you could do in the preheating process. You probably would have some free time on waiting process, so what about preparing your meat and it would be ready when you want to use it. You can start rubbing your meat while waiting this process. Yeah, we really know that it’s better to do it the night before, but sometimes we do not have much time to do it and the only time that we could it is on the party.

When the coming to the cooking process, always have to check the temperature regularly, I always hold the meat thermometer at hand to make sure that the temperature is hotter or lower enough. Like I said, patient is the key on getting the best taste. The biggest problem that we could have here is that some of the meats are cooked faster than other meats, so that is why handling the temperature is pretty important to prevent it is happening.


That is all of some tips that I know on using the electric smoker. I have started on doing this hobby for couple years and I am pretty love the whole thing. The process and the enjoyment are the biggest reason why I love doing this hobby. One last word from me to always choose the smoker that suits to your needs. Never listen to someone just because it is good on marketing or something. You need to know everything before you can start decided if it’s good or not to our taste. I hope all of tips are helpful for you and please make any comment if you have any question.

The Best Grill under $500 Choosing Guide

Grill is one of the home utilities which is very important to be exist in home. Grill has several functions that cannot be replaced by any other type of utilities. When you want to hold the outdoor cooking events, cooking demo or even create specific menu of grill, you will need to use the proper product to reach the highest taste and quality of food. So, what to do when we want to choose grill to be used in our living place? Well, you can start looking for the characteristic of the best grill under 500.

The Best Grill under 500 Choosing Guide
The Best Grill under 500 Choosing Guide

Sadly, most of the high quality grill are commonly has a very high pricing. It makes many people are unable to buy the grill to be used as their coking utilities. As the solution, there are some types of cheap grill in market. You can start with the presence of grill which does not more than 500 dollar of pricing. This might be difficulties, but with this price, you will already capable to get the medium function of grill. All you need to do is to ensure that all the features are really helpful for you. You can consider the best grill by the presence of its specifications.

Characteristic of Top Lined Best Grill Under 500

The first aspect that makes the qualities of grill are different is the material used. Most of the grills are using steel. However, if you find one of the cheap best gas grill under 500 brands that are made of stainless steel or aluminum, you can choose them. The presence of aluminum will give you the opportunity to easily clean up the grill after usage. It has different character with the steel that are tending to be dirty and hard to be cleaned. Moreover, stainless steel is good at it.

After the presence of material, you will also need to think about the presence of its maximum heat that can be produced. It is also well known as the BTU. The more BTU you have, the more it will fasten all of your grilling process. We have some type of grill model that are available in the market. Most of them have left and right part that can be folded as well as opened especially when you have a lot of meat. These side part are commonly has lower amount of BTU. So, it is mostly used for warming the meat only.

When the amount of maximum heat is determined, now you can start by deciding the overall size of the grill. Most of the professional grills have the large size and dimension. It will make you capable to grill large amount of food. This is really good for the massive party such as the birthday or any dinner party. However, if you are commonly using the grill only for private or inside your family gathering, you can choose the good grill under 500 specifications which is cheaper and smaller. It will make all the grilling activities are running well without any complex preparation.

Most of the newest and best grill under $300 products is also already supported with the all new technology and elements. It is in the form of the porcelain enamel layer at the outside. So, what is the actual function of this porcelain? Well, first you have to know about the character of porcelain itself. It is a material that is heatproof and can keep the heat well even when the fire is already down. You can also get easier cleaning and also better durability if your grill is wrapped by using the porcelain enamel. It is commonly located at the surface of the grill.

Some Affordable Grill Those are Available to Buy

Even when we are already known about the characteristic of the best grill under 500 types, we will still have difficulties in choosing the grill when there are no reviews. So, here are some recommended products of grill that can be your way out. Since you choose the grill that does not cost more than 500, it means that you have to get the medium functioned grill. One of them is coming from Weber.

Weber grill
Weber grill

Weber 46510001 is one of the products which have the official name as Spirit E310. This is one of the grills that are capable to produce heat using liquid propane. This gas based grill will be more practical and also easier to be used. It does not like the other classic design that is tending to consume too much space. Since this product is recommended, you have to check the specification as well at The most awesome part from this product is that the presence of its stainless steel burners that ensure the appearance and the durability of the stuff.  This is more valuable as the grill can deliver up to 32,000 BTU.

Dyna is also never giving up in fulfilling the home utilities industry with their entire product. One of them is the Dyna-Glo with Smart space living technology. This product series is called as the DGB390SNP-D. With this type of special made grill, you will get 3 different burners that are available to be used with different heat. Of course, it is needed in order to adjust the way of composing the food to reach its maximum taste. One reason why this product is so interesting is the presence of its heavy gauge porcelain which will keep the cleanliness and durability of the grill.

Some other elements that will help you during the cooking process are the presence of its infinite control valve. It brings better flexibility and also the way machine works, although it is in the short time of usage. This type of the gas grill under 500 is also has special feature in its double wall stainless steel lid. It might retain the heat and the gauge that arises along the cooking process is running. All the control and button are also made to be automatic. It is proven with the presence of ignition system that is capable to give fast start or well known as the quick start up.