The Best Tech Products Under 50 That You Should Have


There are so many choices for tech products outside there, but not all of them would be necessary for you and we also need to talk about their prices which could be pretty frustrated sometimes. We buy it because it will help our productivity and not only buy it for accessories. That is the main reason why I am going to show you some good recommendations for must buy tech products under 50 dollars that you should have. I already find some good choices and decided to make it on my list.

USB Stick

Who does not need a USB stick in this era. I think most of people already have it and this one should be on your top list. Yeah, I really know that cloud service becoming a very popular right now, but once again you need an internet access to get it, there are some rarely cases where we need to go to some remote places and there is no internet there. The only solution that you have here is saving your file offline and this thing could help you do it easily. Make sure to buy one which is compatible with your smartphone, so you can access the file easily through your smartphone.

External HDD

I already have a USB stick, so why should I bother buying an HDD? The USB stick will be great enough, but you need to know it could not hold much data on it and you are able to do it better here. Saving a movie usually take more than 1 GB for each file and you could imagine how much you have to save if you are having more than 50 movies. 500 GB should be enough and you are free to save any file you want.


This stuff is pretty convenient if your laptop is only having one of two USB ports. You do not have to remove your smartphone or your mouse just because you want to transfer some files. It would lot convenient to use this tool. The stuff is pretty cheap where you are able to get one only for around 20 or 30 dollars.

Bluetooth Mouse

I personally really get used on using mouse rather than using the track pad on my keyboard. It feels more convenient in term of scrolling and copying the data. There are lots of choices here, so make sure to pick anything which is good to you.