Do You Think Smart Fridge Is A Joke?

In these couple years, I have seen so great tech products that would make our life easier with its entire feature, but there are also some of them are laughable to see. Some people think of this one is such as brilliant idea, but there are also many people think of it as a joke. Smart TV and smartphone is something that is feel okay and pretty much acceptable since everything now is about television and communication, but having a smart fridge is really not making me interest because I don’t find its necessary with all of its feature. I would put some list that I think is not necessary for me.


Are you kidding me? What is it for? In TV it’s reasonable because we are going to use it for streaming the movies or even playing games, but for fridge is not too common and seems weird. They said that the people are able to control the temperature and doing pretty much different thing with it. The fridge is only usable for storing food and not more.

LED Display

The LED display is having functionality to show weather, news and many things which are available on the smartphone. I finally say its functionality is waste and don’t have much anything to expect. I would never open my email or checking my calendar on the fridge because everything is possible on the phone.

Security Update

They really making the security update are a joke because we need to update it regularly because it will be vulnerable if you don’t look for it. The OS itself is really similar to what we found on smartphone since they use the same based software. It means that all of malware that can attack your phone will also dangerous for it.

You have to think it twice before you are going to buy it since the product is not that cheap and the price for one is around 3000 dollars. With that much of money, you can even build a super computer or making a true powerful PC that offering more functionalities and accessibility. But it’s your choice i you find it interesting to see a smart device on the every corner of your house. I personally will never ever touch my hand on it because it’s expensive and totally waste for my room spaces. That is all I could say about it.