LED Or OLED: Which One Should I Afford?

TV is probably becomes the number one media entertainment on our daily life. Almost every single family in this world is having TV. It’s a fact that television is good because the price is relatively cheap and there are many great choices that it could offer to us. There would be hundred or even thousands of channels that we can see on TV for free. We really know that internet and video streaming is becoming so popular, but you have to spend of your extra money to have their service and sometimes it’s not cheap. TV itself has so many types of them and sometimes makes us confuse, but actually there are two great choices that we can pick nowadays. The first one is OLED and the Second one is LED. Let’s find out which one is better.


This type is actually the most common one that we able to find on our market. The price is cheap and the quality of images is better than LCD TV. One of the drawbacks from this case is located on its contrast. The contrast control available here is so limited that make our enjoyment in watching different types of movies would be less enjoyable. LED is never being able to win against OLED in many ways, but once again its back to assumption and usage itself. Many companies put their extra label to make their products looks so different, but it is usually only marketing. I could suggest you to get OLED if you love to watch any movie in darker environment because of the black level is better.


The price of OLED TV is probably more expensive than most of products on our market nowadays. The main reason itself because the panel that is used here using a better technology that might become the future itself. We probably know that everything is better in almost every aspect. You are able to get fully control to your brightness level that would let you to change everything that you need in order to get most enjoyable experience. There is a price that we need to enjoy this experience and not all of people are interested to get that feature. Many people only interest to watch their favorite shows without needed to make any adjustment. If you are a person that does not want to make any adjustment on your TV, this one is probably not made for you.