5 Cheap Gaming Computer Towers you can be sure to take into Account

Are you currently looking for computer towers by any chance? If so, what do you aim to get from any of them? Well, we are sure that you would expect to get good features from it. It is only a given after all. However, even products like this are priced differently in accordance with the features they offer. So, are you aiming to get cheap computer towers? Of course, these are not something impossible to get. There are many cheap-priced choices you can choose after all. Let us give you 5 of them here. They are all really worth to take into account.

Zalman Z9 Neo Performance Gaming Mid Tower Case

5 Cheap Gaming Computer Towers you can be sure to take into Account
We put this as the first choice here because it is the most expensive one in price among the 5 we are going to tell you here. It is the one manufactured by Zalman and is currently priced under $70. For computer tower, this is quite affordable price to go with. As for the features, you don’t have to worry. Even when the price is cheap, the features are not cheap in quality at all. Not to mention, it has pretty good look on it. It might shape like standard case, but it is colored in white with some black on. This is what makes this case look very nice.

The dimensions of this product are 19 inches in length, 8.1 inches in width, and 19.3 inches. Furthermore, it weighs for 15.9 pounds. Basing on this, you should know the size of this computer tower. Well, there are all sorts of features in it. Zalman tower case has cooling solution. It gives strong cooling effect and low noise. What’s more? There are 5 preinstalled 120mm fans. This maximizes the cooling performance so much. Also, you can even install and uninstall your HDD easily without even using any additional tools. There are still more features left to say too.

AeroCool Aero-500 Window White Gaming Case

We have this as the second choice here. It is the second most expensive among the 5 computer towers here. Well, of course it is still cheap price for computer tower. This gaming case comes from AeroCool manufacturer and is currently tagged with the price under $70 too. Speaking about its look, we must admit that it is quite similar with the first computer tower above. It is tall and boxy, just like computer towers you see commonly. As for the colors, there are two of them on. Even when white seems to be the tower’s color, the black does tone it a lot too.

Even so, both colors have made this computer tower look cool, you see. As for the dimensions, this gaming tower is actually 21.5 inches in length, 22 inches in width, and 10 inches in height with 11.8 pounds of weight. This computer tower is a solidly constructed chassis. It is made so that it can support ATX, Micro ATX, and mini ITX Motherboard. There is also built-in fan controller meant for both high and low speeds. It will also turn the fan off completely too. Also, this case features 1 x USB 3.0 port, 2 x USB 2.0 ports, and even Audio and Mic Port.

Thermaltake VERSA N21 Snow Edition Mid Tower

Let’s move on to the third choice here. We will be going down in price again this time. Well, we are talking about cheap tower after all. So, what do we get here? This computer tower is actually manufactured by Thermaltake. It is currently tagged with the price under $60. If you ask us how its look is, we would say that it is quite different than the first and second towers above. It is still tall and boxy like usual though. Well, you can say its front look is made modernly with arrowhead design that looks being split in half. It looks great with white and black colors on.

The dimensions of this product are 18.2 inches in length, 8.5 inches in width, and 20.2 inches in height. This product also weighs for 10.2 pounds. Also, this tower is actually made in tool-free design. With the existence of innovative drive bay design, you can be more easily to do the installation and removal. You will also find 1 USB 3.0 port, 2 USB 2.0 ports, HD microphone, and headset jacks. What’s more? There is a 2 optional 120mm intake fans. Its integrated dust filter does the job to optimize ventilation system.

SilverStone Technology Computer Case CS-PS12B

This is the fourth choice we offer here. As you know, this computer tower is the one coming from SilverStone Technology manufacturer. Also, it is the one currently tagged with the price under $50. We are sure going down with the price here. Well, of course, this is not some cheap computer tower, you see. Compared to the others we have been talking about so far, this computer case is way boxier while still being tall. If we have to say, its front design is classic somehow. Even so, it has black color on to make it more interesting and stylish to look at.

As for its dimensions, this computer tower is 17 inches in length, 19 inches in width, and 10 inches in height. It also weighs for 9.2 pounds. How about the features then? Well, the features include quick access filters needed for dust buildup prevention, Motherboard back plate opening needed for CPU cooler assembly in fast pace, and even drive storage options that are highly flexible. This computer tower also has the capability to support 4 expansion slots cards even up to 14.1” long. These are great to get from computer tower this cheap, you know.

Ark Technology PA-08 Black ATX Mid Tower

This is the last choice we have to offer to you. Indeed, this computer tower is manufactured by Ark Technologies manufacturer. Currently, it is sold with the price under $40. It is the cheapest choice for you among the 5 computer towers here. However, we are sure that you would like how cool it looks. It might have been tall and boxy like common computer towers. Even so, its side design has window-like thing with black swirl design. Well, this tower is almost black all over though. But, the front design has silver color on to make it all the more great and cooler.

As for the dimensions, this computer tower is 420mm in depth, 183mm in width, and 410mm in height, while it weighs for 20.5 pounds. This kind of cheap computer towers supports ATX Motherboard with generic PS2 500W of power supply. It offers all sorts of drive bays too. They are 4x (external 5.25” bay) + 5x (internal 3.5” bay) + 2x (external 3.5” bay). The front panel features 2 USB 2.0 ports, 1 Mic, and 1 Aux. The Air Duck or fan can be found in its side, while there is 90mm optional one in the front and 80mm optional one in the rear.

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